Damien J Brown“Ian’s training and meal plans were the difference between possibly me going over 100kg and me now being a professional athlete competing 65.8 – 70.3kg. I searched and asked a number of people (Personal Trainers) for assistance when I was at my heaviest and never felt I was taken serious or given any clear guidance and direction. In some cases I was even told they didn’t have time.”

“Ian changed not only my life at that point but the loved ones around me who now have a healthier me to live with day in day out. He’s training was easy to follow and nutrition got great results. I would recommend anyone looking to lose weight or change there life to give him a call and sort something out for them.” – Damien J. Brown

“I will never forget the day I walked in to see Ian and booked my first training session. Ian took my weight issues personally and knew that he was able to help, ian had a no BS approach to any form of training as I was to find out. Under his guidance I was able to change my lifestyle and in just 21weeks I lost a staggering 60kgs. I could not recommend anyone else to help with weight or health issues, even when I was getting fitter Ian was able to show me different ways to keep training interesting whether it be kick boxing or circuit training it changed each week and became habit. Ian truly is one of the best trainers for any goal.” – Hayden Bullimore

Paul Warren-02“Townsville friends looking to enhance MMA, Muay Thai , Boxing skills or general fitness should look No further than Ian Bone. This guy is one of the countries most experienced and respected MMA fighters.  He also coaches at an extremely high level. In his last fight he had a win over Aus Champion Brad Traynor proving he is still at the top of his game.
I train with Ian regularly and his knowledge and experience with Body movement and functional exercise always shows.
He has always gone above and beyond even coming to my house to get me after my Afghanistan injury.
PT or fight coach in Townsville this is the guy to contact.” – Paul Warren

“Hi I’m Hersh, I have been training with Ian Bone for a while now. I had been told by my doctor that I was depressed and obese. I went and saw He put me on the scales and i was 115kg I was so upset. Ian sat down with me and told me how it was the truth not this cock and bull some other trainers give you, Ian gave me the cold hard facts. Then it was on, since the day he helped me change my life he has been my trainer, my nutrition, a friend and when I have needed it a drill Sargent! Ian has given me the tools to change my life and from you to me he saved it. I no longer have depression im fitter and stronger and more confident, I’m on my way to my goal image all thanks to Ian Bone I would have never made it this far without his help and support THANK YOU.” – Hershee Leefe

“Ian is an amazing person as having started off with an exercise program of not much as I was considered morbidly obese I was really scared to do anything. Ian helped me keep on my journey and make me comfortable with being able to work on myself on a physical as well as on a mental and what and how to eat to make my journey successful. Ian is a tough trainer and does not take excuses and I was good at them, he broke them down to what was the issue and helped me achieve so much more than what I even thought I was capable of. Ian helped me gain perspective and the fight to help me lose my weight. I am so grateful and look forward to the rest of my journey I have lost 60kg and only have another 60kg to go, and know I am now on the right page and Ian has given me the tools to be able to achieve my goals for my weight my fitness and any goals I have for myself. I can not say thank you enough and look forward again to losing more weight and gaining my true self back.” – Tracey

When I met Ian I was suffering from PTSD as a result of military service and I was on 2 antidepressants which had side effects I was unaware of until Ian told me to research them- 1 was a metabolism inhibitor and the other was an appetite increaser.  I was 84kg and very unhappy. I started doing MMA classes with Ian alongside my husband – my security blanket. I was embarrassed and anxious to set foot in the gym alone, so I started doing PT sessions with Ian and he convinced me to start doing his cardio kickboxing classes. I ended up making a lot of friends and feeling totally comfortable at the gym (which is a HUGE thing for someone with PTSD).

With Ian’s classes, PT, and MMA sessions I lost 12kg and was happy and healthy, and had my first baby.  After having my baby I was dying to get back to the gym and cardio classes, and after 7 weeks I was there. Ian out of the kindness of his heart gave me my first 5 PT sessions for free and I was back into getting fit. I got to 105kg when I was pregnant and after a few weeks of Ians training I was back down to the 82kg mark.  We moved away from Townsville and I still get encouraging msgs and emails from Ian – just yesterday he picked up that I was having a bad day and sent me an awesome workout to do. Today I’m both loving and cursing him! – M.J.

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